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Anna & Billie

Steph has been a total lifesaver with my puppy Billie. Having wanted a dog all my life, I finally made the plunge with my cockerpoo Billie, but at 12 weeks I had exhausted all my knowledge gleaned from books and was at loss with how to progress. I had stalled with potty training and I so wasn’t confident with letting her off the lead in the park, where dog nappers seemed to lurk behind every tree. 


Enter Steph - who has quite simply been, a total saviour. Not only does Billie love her but I’m now way more confident with how to approach letting Billie off the lead without being a neurotic mess. And within a week of us properly tackling the potty training issue it was resolved - she’s now fully potty trained! I was amazed. 


Most importantly, I just feel that Steph helped me understand Billie’s behaviour and who she is, which is a loveable, friendly, gorgeous creature who was just having growing pains. I can’t thank Steph enough.

Adam & Eros


One knows just by how my Labrador Eros reacts when he sees is Steph the one coming up the stairs after a doorbell ring; honestly, not even after I saw him after my summer holidays, he got that excited.

Steph is by far THE BEST dog mummy I have had taking care of my puppy Eros (and I base my statement from 70+ people I have tried in London since Eros came into my life back in 2018).

I absolutely recommend Steph with a million stars out of 10!!

Thank you Steph for your always kind and unstinting help!!!


Kim & Max

When it comes to looking after your favourite four legged friend, there is nobody out there better than House of Dog.  Max literally races to the door and considers it to be his home from home.  


Steph has a way with dogs that is extremely rare to find: no matter what shape or size,  they all adore her.   I am ashamed to say that when Max is with Steph he has the time of his life and home life seems pretty drab in comparison.   Not only does House of Dog offer the very best in love and attention, they also sell the most wonderful items at affordable prices, and you know when you buy from Steph, everything has been tried and tested to the max! 

Thea & Ginger

Ginger absolutely loves Steph. She has the absolute best time with her, many many varied walks on the Heath, Wormwood Scrubs and more. They have a lot of fun together and Ginger always comes home happy and exhausted. Also the bonus of having dog grooming is another important box ticked when you own a cockerpoo - House of Dog is responsible for giving Ginger her best ever haircut!


When we get back to being able to go on holidays Steph will be our first go-to - we will look forward to that!! Always upbeat and full of energy Steph is like one of the pack!  You can tell they all love her and so do we! 


Katherine & Benji

Benji is shy of many people but he knows who he likes and he LOVES Steph! He is super excited as we near her house and always has a great time with loads of fun and doggy games. It is lovely to know he is in the warmth and bustle of a family home and that he is so happy to be there. In fact, he likes it so much he has even been on Steph’s holidays!

Desiree & Kobe

Steph has looked after Romney (my eldest at 13 yrs) for the last three years AND Koby my border collie of 6 months of age. This is no mean feat. Rom is very particular and Kobe an effervescent bundle of chaotic joy who bounced his way into our lives quite unexpectedly! 
Steph has been my go-to saviour in all things pup-related, from grooming, training, day stays, night stays, full-on dog boarding, even holidays. You name it she is my Numero Uno. And both Rom and Kobe ❤  Steph.  For me this is key - the bond is so natural, the energy levels fizzing, the fun so evident that both dogs come home in ecstatic exhaustion and ready for hugs. And for me that's heaven. 
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