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What we believe in

We believe that dogs are part of the family and flourish in a home environment. They thrive on company, cuddles, mental stimulation and, of course, plenty of opportunities to nap in a comfy armchair… Whether you entrust your dog to us for a walk, a day or a week you can rest assured that at House of Dog your furry friend will be treated just like you treat them.

Going for a Walk

family first

Where we go, they go, whether it's a meeting or a BBQ. We've even been known to take our regulars on holiday.

be more dog

We believe we learn as much from our dogs as they do from us. They live in the moment. And so should we!

earth friendly

We champion sustainability, walk locally and travel on foot wherever possible. We use compostable poo bags & a wormery.

give back

A percentage of our profits goes to the Wild at Heart Foundation which finds forever homes for stray dogs from around the world.


About Us

House of Dog was born when company founder Steph lost her beloved Patterdale terrier Rhubarb. She missed doggy company so much that she started befriending other people’s dogs in the park. Soon she was being asked to look after them when their owners couldn’t. And sometimes even when they could. Her house has been full of four-legged friends ever since, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Steph lives with her family and canine companions right by the doggy heaven of Little Wormwood Scrubs. She has always had a special dog in her life…

Family Photo Album




The footballing wire-haired Dachshund had legendary dribbling skills. She was always there to listen to Steph's growing pains and sometimes lick the tears away


The tennis ball-obsessed Patterdale terrier. She travelled everywhere in Steph’s bike basket and nicked the warm spot on the sofa the second you got up





The Collie cross pup whose smarts are matched only by his energy levels and whose favourite things are currently eating slippers and chasing bikes


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